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United States

In the United States, OSHA requires equipment installed in the workplace to comply with 29CFR1910.303. This section states equipment shall be electrically safe as may be evidenced by listing or labeling.  Listing or labeled is required to be done by an NRTL.

Also, Article 90.7 of NFPA70, the National Electrical Code, states that listed equipment can be used a basis for approval by electrical inspectors and other authorities having jurisdiction over electrical installations.


In Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA 22.1, Article 2-024 requires equipment to be certified by a testing organization approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

Here at CE Consulting we are authorized subcontractors for Eurofins MET Laboratories Inc. – the United States first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) as well as Standards Council of Canada approved testing laboratory.

Eurofins MET Laboratories ( is certified by OSHA for Listing equipment to over 185 UL product categories and standards.   Eurofins MET Laboratories is certified by the Standards Council of Canada for over 55 SCC product categories and CSA.

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