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For equipment with inputs or outputs in voltage ranges between 50-1000Vac and 75-1500Vdc compliance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU is necessary before placing a CE marking on the equipment.

The LVD is available for download at:

The LVD identifies a list of safety objectives  that need to be considered and addressed as applicable to address mainly electrical fire and shock hazards.  The best way to guarantee compliance is to assess the equipment to applicable harmonized standards published in the Official Journal of the EU.  We identify the applicable standards from that list in our quoting process and review and test the equipment to applicable requirements of those standards during our engineering evaluation process. 

Some of the most popular standards used in our reviews include: 

  • EN62368-1 for Information Technology Equipment and Audio/Video Equipment
  • EN61010-1 (and associated sub parts) for Laboratory, measurement and Control Equipment
  • EN60335-1 (and associated subparts) for Appliances
  • EN60065 for Audio-video equipment
  • EN60950-1 for Information Technology Equipment
  • EN60519-1 (and associated subparts) heating equipment
  • EN60598 (and associated subparts) for Luminaires

Low Voltage Directive evaluations typically consist of an equal mix of construction review and test requirements to address the fire and shock hazard issues presented by most equipment. Once all requriements are met, a technical report is prepared in IEC/EN TRF (Test Report Form) format.  This report contains comments and test data to verify the compliance of the equipment with the requirements of the standard used for assessment.  Our reports are far more thorough in explaining compliance or applicablity than most of our competitors. 

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