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Electrical and electronic equipment intended for export into the European Union must comply with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU or the Radio Equipment Directive  (RED) 2014/53/EU before placing a CE marking on the equipment.

The EMC Directive is available for download at:
The Radio Equipment Directive is available for download at

While we do not provide EMC testing services directly, we help coordinate your project with competent EMC testing labs to round out your CE Marking compliance needs.  Our quotes for CE marking evaluation normally also include the pricing for EMC or RED directive testing so that most or all of your CE marking evaluation needs are addressed at the same time.  With the EMC/RED pricing estimated in our quote we open the dialog between manufacturers and our EMC testing partner so this required part of your CE marking compliance needs is addressed. 

Sometimes larger equipment that is intended to be permanently located at the end installation and is assembled and “built in” onsite at the final location can be considered a “fixed installation” per the EMC Directive.  Such equipment is allowed to be qualified for compliance without testing under certain conditions.  Contact us for more information related to this exception to expensive EMC testing

If you need only EMC testing and not safety we will put you in contact with our EMC testing partners directly.

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