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For equipment intended for use in areas where explosive concentrations of dusts or vapors are present, compliance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU is necessary before placing a CE marking on the equipment.

The ATEX Directive is available for download at:

Equipment intended for use in combustible atmospheres is categorized as follows:

Equipment-group I Category M 1 and M2 – Equipment for use in mines
Equipment-group II Category  1, 2 and 3 –  Equipment other than that for use in mines

Equipment required to be confirmed compliant through a Notified Body:

Equipment Group I, Categories M1
Equipment Group II, Category 1 (Zone 0 or 20)
Equipment Group I and II, Category M2 and 2 with electrical designs or combustion engines (Zones 1 and 21)

Equipment Allowed to be Self Certified:

Equipment Group I and II, Cat M2 and 2 non electrical / non-combustion engine (Zones 1 and 21)
Equipment Group II, Cat 3 all equipment (Zones 2 and 22)

We can provide full evaluation services for equipment allowed to be self certified.  However we are not a Notified Body so for other equipment we can provide consulting services to aid in submittal to the Notified Body as well as establish agent services to complete the evaluation.

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