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United States

Inspection authorities in the United States (also known as ‘authority having jurisdiction’ or ‘AHJ’) are governed by the National Electrical Code (aka the NEC and formally known as NFPA 70).  Article 90.7 of the NEC identifies criteria for acceptability of electrical equipment.  The following is an excerpt from that Article:

NEC Article 90.7 – “Examinations for safety made under standard conditions provide a basis for approval where the record is made generally available through promulgation by organizations properly equipped and qualified for experimental testing, inspections of the runs of goods at factories, and service value determination through field inspections…. Construction of equipment need not be inspected at the time of installation of the equipment, except to detect alterations or damage, if the equipment has been Listed by a qualified testing laboratory…“

Qualified testing laboratories in the United States are known as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (or NRTL).  NRTL is a term used by OSHA for laboratories which they qualify as a reputable independent 3rd party safety testing and accreditation organization.  All NRTL’s currently accredited by OSHA can be found at  Not all NRTL’s are accredited to the same product categories.  Some are accredited to one or two product categories.  Others, like MET Labs, are accredited to many product categories.

The inspection authorities across the US should accept a label from any NRTL accredited by OSHA for the product category identified for the specific equipment being evaluated.

We routinely field label equipment in the USA to many US standards including, but not limited to the following list of standards:

UL508A  – Control Panels
UL508C – Power Conversion Equipment
UL698A – Control Panels Relating to Hazardous Locations
UL61010-1 – Laboratory, Measurement and Control Equipment
UL60601-1 – Medial Equipment
UL62368, UL60950-1, UL60065 for ITE/AV Equipment
UL48 – Electric Signs
UL60598 – Luminaires
UL73 – Motor Operated Appliances
UL65 – Wired Cabinets
UL98 – Dead Front Switches
UL201 – Garage Equipment
UL471 / UL1995 – HVAC equipment
UL507  – Fans
UL710 – Exhaust hoods
UL763 – Food Preparation Machines
UL891 – Switchboards
UL962 – furnishings
UL987 – Stationary Tools
UL102 – power supplies
UL1741 – Inverters/Converters for use with distributed energy resources
UL1805 – Laboratory Hoods
UL2200 – Stationary Generators
ANS ISA 12.12.01  – Hazardous Location Equipment for Installation in Div 2 locations
ANSI ISA/RP 12.06.01 – Intrinsically Safe Wiring Methods
NFPA70 Articles 500-505 – Hazardous Location Installations
NFPA 33 – Spraying of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
NFPA30 – Flammable Liquids
NFPA79 – Industrial Machinery
NFPA86 – Ovens and Furnaces


The same is true for Canadian certifications.  The Canadian Electrical Code, section 2-024 requires use of approved electrical equipment.  From the 2012 CEC, “Approved” means  “equipment that has been certified by a certification organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada in accordance with the requirements of
(i) CSA standards; or
(ii) other recognized documents, where such CSA standards do not exist or are not applicable; or
(b) equipment that conforms to the requirements of the regulatory authority (see Appendix B).

The standard used for field evaluations in Canada is SPE-1000 – the Model Code for Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment.

Here at CE Consulting we are authorized subcontractors for Eurofins MET Laboratories Inc. – the United States first Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) as well as Standards Council of Canada approved testing laboratory

Eurofins MET Laboratories ( is certified by OSHA for Listing  and Labeling equipment to over 185 UL product categories and standards.   Eurofins MET Laboratories is certified by the Standards Council of Canada for Listing and Labeling for over 55 SCC product categories and CSA standards.  Following the guidelines of NFPA790 and NFPA791, we can service all of your field evaluation needs.

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